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CommLighter™ UC900 Series
Internally Lighted LED Signs

The UC900 series are illuminated with our proprietary, energy-efficient LED light tubes. Install a new sign or replace an existing sign and enjoy tremendous energy savings over traditional fluorescent or incandescent technology. Customize these new signs for your promotional application. Rugged extruded aluminum 9" frame withstands the wind and weather and provides greater light volume. LED electronics deliver years of trouble-free performance.

  • LED light tubes provide tremendous energy savings over traditional technologies.
  • Side-mounted on/off power switch.
  • Mount in temporary or permanent outdoor applications.
  • Sizes range up to 60" x 96" with several mounting options.
  • LED electronics provide years of trouble-free operation.

Sign Features:
  • Bright, colorful sign works day and night.
  • Maintenance-free!
  • Durable, non-yellowing, UV-resistant aluminum housing.
  • Customize with your own logo or message.
  • One year warranty.

Download UC900 Product Sheet (.pdf, 48KB)
Download UC Series Graphic Layout Template (.pdf, 19KB)

C900 Ordering Information

Part No.
(H x W x D)
List Price
Single-Sided Signs
UC901.2460 LED Sign, Aluminum 24" x 60" x 9" 12VDC
UC901.3660 LED Sign, Aluminum 36" x 60" x 9" 12VDC
UC901.4848 LED Sign, Aluminum 48" x 48" x 9" 12VDC
UC901.4860 LED Sign, Aluminum 48" x 60" x 9" 12VDC
UC901.4872 LED Sign, Aluminum 48" x 72" x 9" 12VDC
UC901.6072 LED Sign, Aluminum 60" x 72" x 9" 12VDC


Part No.

List Price
PS100.010 Power Supply, 115 VAC, US Std. Plug
PS100.015E Power Supply, 230VAC, Euro. Plug


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